Yes, we lost everything….

I upgraded to the new version of wordpress last weekend and it didn’t go very well. For some reason my backup didn’t work. I still have all of the pictures for the posts, but all the text was lost. So, I am starting over from scratch. At first I was really upset, but now I am ready to move on. I will be setting everything up today and hopefully will start posting again tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Yes, we lost everything….”

  1. I love the new look and I’m sorry that all of your posts have been lost. I like that you can register for the site which is very cool. I look forward to you posting soon.

  2. What a shame! Oh, well, you can definitely say that you are starting the new year with a clean slate! 🙂

  3. Oh Sweetie, I’m so sorry! But I’ve unofficially dubbed 2009 as the year of New Beginnings, so you’re right on board. And I’m sure things are going to be smashing for you from here on out!

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