Review: Really Something by Shirley Jump (new author!)

really-somethingFrom the back of the book:


They say you can’t go home again-and when home is Tempest, Indiana, “Litter Box Capital of the World,” who’d want to? Not Allie Dean. She couldn’t wait to leave the place that made her feel worthless when she was at her most vulnerable. Seven years later and 170 pounds lighter, Allie’s back, scouting locations for an indy flick. It’s the perfect opportunity to exact the sweet revenge that comes with looking seriously hot. And the guy who broke her heart just happens to have made himself very available…

Duncan Henry isn’t used to being stood up, though the gorgeous blond who just ditched him looks like she does it all the time. Still, Duncan’s determined to win the stranger over, if only to get close to someone with no connection to Tempest. The truth is, Duncan hasn’t had anyone he could really talk to since Allison left. Yeah, there are plenty of things the ex-jock-turned-weatherman would change if he had the chance-and maybe his chance is closer than he thinks…

Now, with Allie getting ready to shoot and Duncan trying to score, somethings gotta give. The question is, who will give in first?

This book was just okay. I really wanted to like it, but it fell short. The idea that even though she had lost 170 lbs, someone who was around Allison Grey a lot wouldn’t recognize her was a little hard to believe. I also didn’t like how Allie was trying to get revenge on all of the people who she felt had mistreated her without knowing anything about what had happened to then in their lives. She was a little self absorbed.This was a new author for me and I liked her writing style, but not the story. I am planing on reading another book by Shirley Jump and hopefully will enjoy it more than I did this one!

Here’s where you can find this book:

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More about Shirley Jump and the books she has written: Shirley Jump

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