Review: Hell on Wheels by Karen Kelley (New Author Challenge)

hell-on-wheelsFrom the back of the book:

No doubt about it: Cody Carlyle is the hottest bounty hunter around with a well-deserved reputation for bringing in the toughest skips. If she’s learned one motto in this business—and in life—it’s this: never turn your back. Never give an inch. And never, ever offer your heart.

Fellow bounty hunter Josh Pierce has had his eye on Cody’s every luscious curve for quite some time. The hunky ex-undercover cop would love to show her that some things are worth believing in, things like the kind of ecstasy he’d happily show her in bed. Hey, fighting this kind of white-hot attraction is just wrong. So why not give in to a little Josh Pierce temptation? Why not share one amazing, toe-curling night of indescribable, head-scrambling passion and then walk away, no hard feelings? But the night they spend together is beyond amazing. It’s sheer bliss. Not that it could ever happen again. Could it?

What was supposed to be a one-time deal is quickly becoming a very tempting habit—one they could stop at any time, of course. Like after the next time. Or maybe next week—no rush. Suddenly, two bounty hunters who never believed in anything are open to everything, scared of it all, and ready to discover what happens when you go after the biggest catch out there…true love…


I really enjoyed this book. Karen Kelley is another new to me author and I plan on reading the rest of her work. Cody Carlyle is one tough chick. She wants to be taken seriously as a bounty hunter and sacrifices her femininity to achieve her goal. Her one problem is Josh Pierce and her attraction to him. He is a player and she refuses to be his next conquest. Josh has other ideas. These two have incredible chemistry. I was rooting for them to realize their feelings for each other from the beginning. The only thing I didn’t like was how Cody changed so drastically from the beginning of the book. Some change in her character, as she finds love and acceptance, is understandable, but there are times at the end of the story where she is very whiny and girly. It didn’t fit the way she had been written in the beginning.

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