Review:What Looks Like Crazy by Charlotte Hughes

what-looks-like-crazyFrom the back of the book:

Kate is trained to deal with everyone’s problems—except her own…

Psychologist Kate Holly’s own life has become the stuff of intensive therapy. She’s divorcing Jay, her gorgeous firefighter husband, who is perfect except for his tendency to put his life on the line. Her eccentric secretary lures in clients with promises of free manicures. Her junk-art-collecting mother and aunt have erected a vaguely sexual sculpture in her front yard. And, her psychiatrist ex-boyfriend refers patients to her in return for information on the color of her panties.

Struggling to keep her sanity gets harder every day, especially when Kate starts getting bombarded with mysterious threats that could be from just about any lunatic in Atlanta. She’s treated them all. And the only person who can help Kate is the one man who always makes her lose her mind—and her heart…

This is the first book in a new series. The second book, Nutcase, will be released in February. Kate Holly’s life is being turned upside down. Between divorcing the man she’s still in love with, crazy clients, and her mother she just can’t catch a break. Kate reminds me a lot of Stephanie Plum, whom I love.  I love the relationship between Kate and her best friend Mona. Every girl needs a rich best friend that loans out her housekeeper. This book is a hilarious, fun, and fast-paced read.

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For more info about Charlotte Hughes and the series: Charlotte Hughes

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  1. I have this book and will be reading it sometime this month. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to enjoying it as well as the next book in this series as well. Nutcase the second book comes out at the end of February and I’ll look forward to it.

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