Review: Flirting with Temptation by Kelley St. John (new author challenge)

flirtingShe’s playing it cool.

Wild child Babette Robinson doesn’t do relationships, but she does have a knack for helping other people with theirs. When she opens her own match-mending business and dubs herself “The Love Doctor,” she becomes the biggest name in Birmingham. She even attracts the attention of socialite Kitty Carelle, who hires her to fix her broken engagement to Jeff Eubanks – Babette’s ex!

He’s turning up the heat.

Three years ago, Jeff and Babette’s chemistry was off the charts, but though she basked in his sexy charm and wicked wit, she couldn’t commit to a deeper relationship. Convinced that all women have wandering eyes, Jeff issues a challenge: He’ll do as Babette asks and talk to Kitty, if Babette abstains from all flirting for one whole week. With Jeff doing his best to make her melt in his arms, will this sassy vamp be able to save her business? And after seven tempting nights, will she want to give up the man she once tossed away?

This was the first book I have read by Kelley St. John, but it won’t be the last. I loved it. The book is a sexy, fun read. Babette is a character that is completely real. Most people are better at fixing other people’s problems than their own. My only problem with the book was that I found the fact that Babette took Kitty’s case unethical. But, in the context of this story it works. I just had to suspend reality a little bit, but that’s what books are for – a break from reality. The sparks between Babette and Jeff really fly and I was rooting for them to get over their past and move on together in the future. My favorite parts of the book were those with the senior citizens that trade “Love Doctor” help in exchange for cooking lessons. I also loved Babette’s Granny Gert.

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