Review: The Decadent Duke by Virginia Henley (new author challenge)

dukeLady Georgina Gordon’s sisters have all married prominent dukes or earls, and much to her dismay, she’s expected to make an even better match. There is no shortage of suitors for the vivacious beauty, but Georgina refuses to marry a man who doesn’t stir her urgent passion. Unfortunately her mother has already set her sights on Francis Russell, the powerful Duke of Bedford – a man who may be the most eligible bachelor in all of England but whose attraction completely eludes Georgina. Despite her staunchest efforts, and engagement with the Duke of Bedford may not be so easily avoided.

Scandal is sure to erupt, because Georgina is having trouble denying her desire for another man: John Russell, the duke’s dashing younger brother…

My first thought about this book is the amazing amount of research that Ms. Henley had to do in order to write it. The Decadent Duke is incredibly detailed and uses some historical facts in the story. As for the plot, I didn’t really care for it. For the first half of the book John Russell, the younger brother of the Duke of Bedford, is married and I didn’t see how he could have a relationship with Georgina. The Duke of Bedford was a terrible character. He is a womanizer, but Georgina’s mother kept pushing her daughter at him. It made me dislike the character of the mother and the Duke. In fact, there were very few characters in this book that I liked. Georgina was too young for everything that she was going through and John Russell was never really fleshed out. Much more time was spent letting the reader know who the Duke of Bedford was and very little was spent on John Russell. This just wasn’t a book I would really recommend.

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