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Trag and Tychar are brothers sold into slavery when their planet was destroyed. Their race carries a feline gene, giving them sinuous beauty and extraordinary sexual powers. Tychar’s female conquests are legendary, but they never meant much to him, and Trag just laughs at his playboy brother. Living on Darconia, a planet of friendly but unattractive lizards, neither has been with a woman in many years. When the queen hires Kyra Aramis, a human from Earth, to teach piano to her children, Trag and Tychar agree to share the female and set out to win her over…

But suddenly Tychar becomes possessive – Kyra is unlike any woman he’s ever known. But he’s sure he’s ruined any chance of her trusting him with her heart…

I love the Cat Star Chronicles series by Cheryl Brooks. The books are original and keep my interest from the first page. In ROGUE, Kyra is a terran who has never been off-planet. In her own quest to find something more in life she accepts the job of teaching a princess on the planet Darconia to play the piano. During her first day she meets the “tigers” Trag and Tychar. She is instantly taken with one of them, but is still drawn to the other also. The relationship between Tychar and Kyra evolves quickly and is very steamy. I like how the author did give Kyra time to adapt to her new surroundings instead of having her immediately acclimate. The love story between Tychar, Trag, and Kyra is HOT and deeply emotional. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait for OUTCAST (June 2009).

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