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Today we are lucky to have Cheryl Brooks guest blogging at the book girl! I am in love with her Cat Star Chronicles books, every time I read one it becomes my new favorite book. There is something about the way Ms. Brooks writes that captures my whole attention and doesn’t let go. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Ms. Brooks for the guest blog and the wonderful books!


What draws a reader to a specific book? The cover may catch your eye, but is it enough to hook you? Do you look for a specific author, or do you read the blurb on the back? Do you look for traditional romance, or paranormals? Historical, or contemporary?

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was ten years old and have always been an avid Regency fan. I’ve read every Georgette Heyer in print—many of them multiple times. I’ve read contemporaries and westerns, some chaste and some erotic, but the one thing I never found in my younger days was a science fiction romance.

That was a very long time ago. There are more of them now, and, I’m happy to say, at least three of them are mine. When the first of my Cat Star Chronicles series, Slave, was released, I’m sure a lot of people picked it up because of the cover. Some probably bought it not realizing what it was, and some liked it and some didn’t, but whatever your opinion, you can’t say it’s the same old romance novel.

The series follows the lives of six Zetithian men who were captured and sold into slavery at the end of the war that destroyed their planet. My most recent release, Rogue, continues the story begun by Slave and Warrior, and is the tale of two Zetithian brothers, Trag and Tychar. They have been the pampered pets of a Darconian queen for the past twenty years, and though their lives haven’t been hard, being the lone humanoid males on a planet populated by lizards hasn’t allowed them much in the way of sexual gratification. However, the progressive Queen Scalia has hired a human female, Kyra Aramis, to give piano lessons to her daughter.

Alone on a world filled with intelligent, but fearsome dinosaurs, Kyra is understandably nervous, and the discovery that she is not the only humanoid on the planet offers only a brief comfort. Tychar is assigned to be Kyra’s personal attendant, and though he and Trag are both irresistible, there are two of them, and worst of all, they are slaves to the Queen who has no intention of selling them. Just when things get interesting, rumors of unrest begin flying, and the peaceful planet of Darconia undergoes a major political upheaval, with the offworlders caught in the middle.

In the previous books in this series, Slave and Warrior, the heroes had both endured a life of harsh slavery. However, in Rogue, I took a different tack, giving them to an owner who not only treated them well, but cherished them for their beauty and individuality. The two brothers are similar in appearance, but Tychar is a charming rogue, brought up on his homeworld of Zetith, while his brother, Trag, is a restless renegade who was raised offworld by his uncle, the captain of a space freighter. I wanted to explore the different personalities in an effort to demonstrate that while all Zetithian males exude sexuality, there are still differences, and even when two of them are hers frogueor the taking, a girl can still make a choice.

Just as my heroes are different, so are my heroines. In Slave, Jacinth was a tough, savvy space trader who was never at a loss in difficult situations. Warrior’s heroine, Tisana, was a powerful witch with a sharp tongue and a dry wit. Kyra is a bit more timid, and the fact that she has decided to take a teaching post on a distant world surprises her friends and family alike. However, like all good heroines, she gets the chance to grow in strength as a person and as a woman in love.

What makes this genre so enjoyable is that there are no limits to where my imagination can go. I like fascinating new worlds, adorably sexy heroes, strong heroines, and supporting characters that are grumpy, funny, or just plain weird, so if you’re looking for something different, come on along. I’ll take you places you’ve never even dreamed of.

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  1. Come along ladies. Cheryl takes you on one Wild and Wicked ride. She’ll get you so hot and bothered you’ll attack the first alien or human man you see. Hopefully he’s your man.
    She doesn’t want trouble.

  2. Come along ladies. Join us into Cheryl’s wild world of alien lovers. If you met the Zetithian men. You must. They’re not just hot and juicy. They’re sinful and decadent. Like bathing in hot molten chocolate. with just a little whipped cream and a cherry on top.

  3. We never have dreamed of those worlds but after reading your books we can do nothing but dream about those worlds and the pretty cat men XD

  4. Hi Linda!
    Not sure I could come back to an Earth without aliens, now. Once you’ve gone into space, it hooks you!

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