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lwisdom-2Today we have a special guest blog by Linda Wisdom. Her books are laugh-out-loud fun! I just want to say thank you to Ms. Wisdom for making me laugh and for guest blogging today!


A Recipe for Samhain

By Linda Wisdom

If Wicked By Any Other Name and its characters were a recipe or even foods on the table, what would you find there?

Hm, let’s think witchy Stasi. Sweet, rich in flavor. Let’s think buttercream frosting with a hint of cinnamon since there are the red hearts dancing over her head and her sweet nature is getting a bit tart what with all that’s going on in her life. And she’d go very well with spice cake because as her power grows in the book, the flavor she would be would grow as well.

And Trev, sexy wizard would have to be sinful chocolate, wouldn’t he? Something you just can’t get enough of. Let’s say a rich triple layer fudge cake. Considering Stasi is addicted to a local resort’s famous chocolate soufflé it seems right that Trev would come under the chocolate heading.

While Horace, Stasi’s trouble making gargoyle would be something that you have to return to whether you want to or not. Let’s say potato chips.

Moonstone Lake is harmed by olde magick Stasi and fellow witch can’t cure, so something acidic and foul tasting there. Vinegar comes to mind.

And a human because of a hexed sachet is suing poor Stasi. Something else that tastes bad. I’m really seeing cod liver oil here.9781402217739-2

And with magick affecting the town along with a lunar eclipse on Samhain, Mercury Retrograde and hysteria in town due to a heavy snowstorm that’s cut the town off from the rest of the world and a power outage, we’re going to have to consider not only bad taste, but also what would truly upset the stomach. Old-fashioned castor oil would work for that.

But Stasi isn’t backing down. She loves her town and wants it set to rights again and she’ll do whatever it takes. Thanks to friend witches Blair and Jazz she’s able to do that and they’ll just add more richness to the recipe that makes up Stasi.

And Nick is there along with sexy town handyman Jake. Not the rich fudge cake like Trev, but let’s see Nick as a different feast of flavors tart and sweet and Jake as something wholesome like bread warm from the oven. I have to say when I use my breadmaker it’s really hard to stop myself with one slice of warm bread with butter when it’s finished!

Yes, it’s not a healthy recipe nor is it all that appetizing, but if take out the bad and keep the good, then you can sit there and nibble on this and that.

Do you ever see a book as a recipe or even various foods?


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  1. Now I am hungry! Of course, it is lunchtime. But suddenly I am having a craving for chocolate….Thanks Linda!

    Great blog. Comparing our characters to food…great idea!

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