Review: Winter Heat Anthology

winter-heatFrom the back of the book:

Weekend Pass Ski Resort…where winter becomes your private wonderland! Hot tubs, skiing, drinks by the fire, a luxurious and intimate setting – everything you need to ensure your weekend is…


For two cynical best friends who believe beginning an affair would be too much of a cliche…until they decide to share a vacation – and a bed!


For a schoolteacher eager to exchange her schoolmarm nature for that of an insatiable tigress and the undercover agent who knows how to bring out her wild side!


For a corporate gal looking to shed her office shackles with the one man who can’t afford to get carried away…

This anthology was a quick and fun read. I loved the continuation from one story to the next with a little overlapping of characters/events. The first story is WEEKEND FLING by Vicki Lewis Thompson, one of my favorite writers. Her books always have a sense of fun to them and this story is no exception. Next is WEEKEND TIGRESS by Jade Lee. This was the first time I had read anything by Ms. Lee. The story made me want to read more by this author. I loved the emotion put into this novella. I could almost feel what the main characters were feeling. The last story is WEEKEND MELTDOWN by Anna DeStefano. I really liked this story too. I laughed out loud at the antics of the female characters best friend. This was a fun and steamy read, just perfect for a winter night.

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