Review: Always Ready by Joanne Rock (New Author Challenge)

always-readyFrom the back of the book:

Subject: Damon Craig, Coast Guard lieutenant

Current Status: Always ready for action – of any kind!

Mission: Patrol his territory with vigilance. Arrest drug runners.

Obstacle: Lacey Sutherland. Irresistibly sexy. Potential smuggling suspect?

Damon is accustomed to being on the lookout for illegal activity on his watch, though it’s not every day he suspects a gorgeous woman. Still, when Lacey suddenly appears at the Puerto Rico bar Damon’s staked out, to meet a suspected smuggler, Damon’s guard is up.

Unfortunately, so is his libido – way up! Lacey is up to something, and Damon’s determined to uncover all her dark secrets. He’s also quite ready to uncover Lacey herself. One mysterious inch at a time…

I’m really liking the Uniformly Hot! series by Harlequin Blaze. These books are H-O-T and I’m a sucker for a book with a military hero. Damon is a hunky coast guard with a person reason to hunt down a suspected drug dealer. Lacey is a woman who is trying to save a floundering business. These two have nothing in common except for the electricity between them.I liked the exotic setting of this book and how well they two characters meshed together even though they were different.

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