Review: SEALed With A Promise by Mary Margret Daughtridge (New Author Challenge)

sealed-with-a-promise From the back of the book:

Navy SEAL Caleb Delaude is as deadly as he is charming. Professor Emmie Caddington’s quiet intelligence and quirky personality intrigue him. When he discovers that her personal connections can get him close to the man he’s vowed to kill, will their budding relationship be nothing more than a means to revenge…or is she the key to his salvation?

This book started on rocky ground for me. It took me a while to care about the characters and their agendas. Caleb “Do-Lord” Delaude started out a little too revengeful for me. Emmie seemed to place so little value on herself and hid out from life. These two didn’t seem compatible at all. Then I hit page 89 and couldn’t put the book down. These two definitely fit each other and the chemistry that they share is HOT! I think this book is more than just a romance. The book is about overcoming childhoods that were less than perfect and accepting who we are and how we got there. Caleb is overcoming a childhood without a father or a stable mother. He had to grow up too quickly. Emmie is dealing with a feeling of being abandoned by her missionary parents. I thought the book was wonderful, despite the rocky beginning, and can’t to read more by Mary Margret Daughtridge!

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