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amelia-grey-photoJudging a Book By It’s Cover

by Amelia Grey

Was someone talking about covers? Oh, maybe it was me. As a devoted romance reader I freely admit that I have bought romances just because I LOVED the cover. I meant it when I said I was devoted. I know some of you are probably thinking that is silly, but I say, “Just call me Silly, ” because I have done it and will probably do it again. And yes, call me guilty again because I’ve kept books just because I loved the cover. See, I told you I was devoted.

As an author, I have shouted with joy over some of my covers because I’ve thought they were absolutely perfect for the book, and then there have been times I’ve winced in anguish over some of my covers. And guilty again, I have had many bouts of envy as well when I’ve seen covers that I absolutely coveted and wished I had been given. And there have been too many times to count when I have commiserated with author friends who were given covers from hell.

Through the years as a romance reader I have enjoyed the sweet-looking covers of the early Harlequins, the risque, bodice-ripper historical covers, and all the flowers and prop covers that were so popular a few years ago. Call me old fashioned, call me out of touch with the times, but I still love seeing the hero and heroine on the cover of romance books.9781402217678-21

The main focus of covers today seems to be the type of fabulous cover I have for my latest book A Duke To Die For. The kind where you only see half of the hero and heroine’s face! Years ago I thought that kind of cover would never appear on a book. But it has and it works. I think they are not only suggestive but also very intriguing.

But as a devoted romance reader, do I have a favorite cover of all time? All right, I was afraid you were going to ask me that. I could easily come up with a top ten list, but I’ll be kind and only give you two of my favorites. Take a look at Arnette Lamb’s Chieftain and Border Lord. YUM! And who could forget Elizabeth Kary’s inside cover for Love, Honor and Betray? Covers don’t get any hotter than that one. Now, I’d love to hear from some of you as to your favorites.

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  1. Oh yes, I’ve bought books for the covers many times, LOL. Really, I want to see a good cover too, it lets me know its romance and the genre, etc. So I really think its part of the package and this cover is beautiful!! That publisher has had awesome covers so far!

    Its hard to think of favorites! Especially when they have some step back covers that I don’t remember as much as I do, like your cover Amelia.
    I’m mostly thinking of more recent ones:


    DANCE OF DESIRE – Catherine Kean

    THE TRIBUTE – Beth Williamsons
    (I love alot of the Western and Medieval covers!)

  2. Hi Ms.Grey,
    I’ve bought many books for the cover illustration (it’s like appreciating fine art)& am happy to say they were great reads. There must be a direct correlation between great covers & great reads.
    Here are my 4 favs:
    THE ROGUE HUNTER-Lynsay Sands
    AWAITING THE MOON-Donna Lea Simpson
    THE DARKEST KISS-Gena Showalter
    PLAYING WITH FIRE-Gena Showalter
    The cover for your new book is beautiful—-must be a great read.

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