New Rating System

booktreeI have decided to start giving a rate to each book. There will be a guide on the sidebar to the main page. Books will be rated 1-5, with each number meaning the following:

  1. Truly Terrible – these types of books include wall-bangers and things that cannot even be finished
  2. Kinda Bad – these are books that no one should pay money for, get them from the library instead
  3. So-so – these are books that are neither good or bad, just whatever. Probably not something you want to spend $ on, but not a big waste if you do.
  4. Good Read – Worth spending your money on, but not putting on your keeper shelf. (Only if you are like me and are very selective about the keeper shelf and don’t keep many books at all)
  5. Fantastic Read – Worth the money and a spot on the keeper shelf!