Review: Compromised by Kate Noble (New Author Challenge)

compromisedFrom the back of the book:

Miss Gail Alton was not having a good day. Or a good year. First, she’s stong-armed into attending the Season as a foil for her beautiful sister, Evangeline. Then, while riding her mare in the park, she gets toppled by a stuffy, self-important, too-handsome-by-half “gentleman” who has the audacity to blame her for their fall into the chilly lake! Little does Gail know that the very same man will soon be found in a compromising position with her sister…

Forced to ask for Evangeline’s hand in marriage, Maximillian St. John, Viscount Fontaine, can’t keep his mind off the irksome girl who threw him from his horse and who matches wits with him at every turn. He’s determined to follow through with the wedding, yet he can’t deny that Gail makes him want to cast propriety aside – and whisk away the sister of his soon-to-be bride…

This was a good historical romance. The characters were pretty likable, even though it took me a while to like Max. While he is a stand up guy and owns up to his mistake before the mistake is even know to Evangeline’s parents, the way he treats Gail in the beginning isn’t really nice. Of course, she doesn’t treat him that great either. The tension between the two main characters is great and their banter back-and-forth is very entertaining. I couldn’t put the book down and can’t wait to read more by Kate Noble.

the book girl rating – 4/5

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