Review: Too Hot for a Spy by Pearl Wolf (New Author Challenge)

too-hot-for-a-spyFrom the back of the book:

Resistance is Futile

Lady Olivia Fairchild has always lived a life of luxury and ease, but she longs for the kind of intrigue that can’t be found on a ballroom dance floor. Then Olivia learns she’s been accepted as the first female student in England’s prestigious spy school. But spy-training is far more grueling than Olivia ever imagined – and her dashing spymaster seems bent on banishing her from the school in record time…

When Every Look Brings Them Closer…

Sebastian Brooks believes women have no place within the dangerous world of espionage 0 and he’s determined to oust Olivia by whatever means necessary. But even as Sebastian mercilessly taunts her, he finds the sight of Olivia’s shapely body gallivanting on horseback is driving him wild. Olivia, too, can feel her longing for Sebastian heating up. Surrendering to her desire could be the most reckless move of her life – but resisting it may be impossible….

I loved this book. It’s not your typical historical, there aren’t many balls, visits to the dressmaker, or afternoon teas. Instead, the reader is treated to a look at an unconventional woman trying to do something more with her life. The writing flows fast and I couldn’t put it down.  I was pleased with where the story began, there wasn’t a lot of back story and info dumping. The reader was just thrust right in and it didn’t feel like anything was missing. I can’t wait to read more adventures by Pearl Wolf.

the book girl gives this book a 4/5

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