Review: Gorgeous as Sin by Susan Johnson (New Author Challenge)

gorgeous-as-sinFrom the back of the book:

Fitz Monckton, Duke of Groveland, has never encountered a woman he could not seduce – until he clashes with the beautiful Rosalind St. Vincent, whose bookshop sits in the way of Fitz’s lucrative development deal.

Left nearly penniless because of her late husband’s gambling debts, Rosalind has managed to save her bookshop by dint of hard work and through a foray into a slightly irregular endeavor. She has no intention of selling her shop to satisfy the whim of an entitled scoundrel – even if said scoundrel is gorgeous as sin.

If money won’t entice Rosalind to sell her shop, Fitz must tempt her in other ways – hopefully mutually pleasurable ways profitable to them both. As for the lady’s obstinate resistance, that will only make her inevitable surrender all the sweeter…

I didn’t enjoy this book at all. I couldn’t connect with either of the characters and didn’t believe that the HEA could possibly happen. There were so many places that the sex was too much and not what I’m used to reading in a historical romance. There wasn’t much of a plot or character development. I just couldn’t get into it at all.

the book girl rates this book a 1/5

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