Review: Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye

too-hot-to-handleFrom the back of the book:

Dr. Mike Flynn sure would LOVE to have a woman to take care of…To Dr. Mike, there’s nothing like vacuuming or doing a few dishes to help a guy relax.

Annabelle Renaldi would never cook if she could order takeout. When they meet at her sister’s wedding, Mike is sure this is the woman he wants to take care of forever. While Mike sets to work wooning Annabelle, she becomes determined to sniff out the truth of the convoluted family secret that’s going to turn both their lives upside down…

TOO HOT TO HANDLE is the sequel to ROMEO, ROMEO and was as much fun to read as the first. When I read ROMEO, ROMEO I wasn’t too keen on Annabelle Renaldi. She seemed very snobby and rude to her sister. Dr. Mike was an entirely different story. He was a character I wanted to read more about. I just didn’t know how I felt about him being with Annabelle. Well, there is a lot more to Annabelle than we saw in the first book. In fact, several times during the story Mike says to other characters that no one really knows Annabelle and that she isn’t what everyone thinks she is. I loved the love story between Annabelle and Mike. They seemed to really go well together. The secret that can come between Annabelle and Mike is one with the ability to change their entire relationship unless they can overcome their past. I loved every minute of this book and can’t wait to read more by Robin Kaye.

the book girl gives TOO HOT TO HANDLE 4/5!

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