New Rating System

I have decided to start giving a rate to each book. There will be a guide on the sidebar to the main page. Books will be rated 1-5, with each number meaning the following: Truly Terrible – these types of books include wall-bangers and things that cannot even be finished Kinda Bad – these are […]

Guest Blog: Amelia Grey

Judging a Book By It’s Cover by Amelia Grey Was someone talking about covers? Oh, maybe it was me. As a devoted romance reader I freely admit that I have bought romances just because I LOVED the cover. I meant it when I said I was devoted. I know some of you are probably thinking […]

Review: Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark by Donna Lea Simpson (New Author Challenge)

From the back of the book: A Fascinating And Exasperating Young Lady… The Marquess of Darkefell has enough to worry about with a bloodthirsty wild beast rampaging the countryside and sinister family secrets to protest. Then Lady Anne Addison arrives, with unquenchable curiosity and intelligence that drive him to distraction… An Infuriatingly Unyielding Man… Lady […]