Review: Outcast by Cheryl Brooks

outcastFrom the back of the book:

Exhausted, discarded, and heartbroken, Lynx vows he’ll never give a woman pleasure again. Until he meets Bonnie, who needs him and loves him. And she’ll never give up until she brings his passion back to full power…

This is the 4th book in The Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks. I loved this book as much as the first three. Cheryl’s writing hooks me from the very beginning and won’t let go. I read this book in one setting and dinner was an hour late because I couldn’t put it down. The emotional connection between Lynx and Bonnie takes a while to build, but is so sweet and romantic. I appreciated the way that Cheryl wrote Lynx as a broken man and gave him time to recover. There wasn’t some instant connection between the two characters. There was a build up to their relationship. This book has a little less sex than the previous 3, but we do get to visit some of the characters from other books. Jack and Cat, Leo and Tisana, and Trag all make an appearance. This is a must read for anyone who has read the previous three books, or for anyone who likes a heartfelt romantic tale (with some hot lovin’ thrown in).

the book girl gives Outcast 5/5!

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  1. I have read all four books but outcast won my heart. It showes you what love is all about.

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