Review: Trouble in High Heels by Leanne Banks

trouble-in-high-heelsFrom the back of the book:

Heiress Lori Granger looks like a million bucks – and is famous for giving much of her fabulous fortune away. But her generosity has outstripped her checkbook, and not even her glamorous image and come-hither eyes can save her now. Certainly not with Jackson James in the picture…Hired by her dad’s estate to control her spending, this CPA with linebacker shoulders and gray flannel suits invades her space, insults her dog, and refuses to loosen his grip on her trust fund. Worse, he seems immune to her charms – unless she’s close enough to kiss. Not a man to cross the line with a client, even when the attraction is hotter than a pair of Lori’s highest slingbacks, Jackson agrees to help her find a husband to fulfill a condition of her father’s will. Yet sharing her dreams with him makes Lori wonder: Could this infuriating Mr. Straight be the one to make them all come true?

This book is the third in the trilogy about a group of sisters who grew up apart and came back together as adults. The first two books were published in 2003, so there was quite a wait for this one. I did read the first two in the trilogy when they first came out, but couldn’t really remember many of the details. So, this book would work as a stand alone also.

At first, I didn’t really like Lori. She seemed incredibly spoiled and clueless about money. That isn’t really who she is, and soon I was rooting for her to get her inheritance so she could continue to support all of her charities. Jackson is an admirable character. He knows what he wants and isn’t about to let any heiress get in his way. These two are perfect for each other, even though they don’t know it. I really enjoyed reading this book.

the book girl give TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS 4/5!

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