Review: Barbie & the Beast by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom (new author challenge)

barbieFrom the back of the book:

A Hairy Situation

Barbie Bradley was swept off her feet – literally. One moment the twenty-something was traversing Forest Lawn Cemetery in the dead of night with her best friend, the next she was thrown like a sack of potatoes over a man’s shoulder. True, she and Angie had come to this odd locale for a singles party, but this wasn’t quite how she’d planned to get picked up.

Hello, Dolly!

Darin Russell found “Ms. Right” at work, which was surprising because girls in the cemetery were usually a tad, in a word, stiff. Not that this one couldn’t stand to loosen up. She seemed particularly sensitive about being named after the Mattel toy, and before he popped the question he had to know how she’d react to his furry little secret. You see, though he had a tuxedo and a Porsche, he had more in common with the residents of the Miami Zoo than Ken. And if things went according to plan, Barbie was going to see his animal side.

I read this after hearing several other book bloggers rave about it and wanted to know if the book deserved the hype. In my opinion, it didn’t. There were times when I didn’t even know what was going on in the story. The heroine jumped around like someone who had too much caffeine and have the things she said sounded like jokes, but later turned out to be how she really felt. (Rules about no tongue on a first date while laying in bed with the guy) The story also doesn’t seem to go in a very linear pattern. There was a lot of jumping around and confusion over where the characters were at any given time. There are some mysterious characters that are mentioned but the reader is never really told who (or what) they really are. (For example, Walter – it still bugs me that we aren’t told who or what he is) I’m hoping that this was because of another book in the series, although I’m not sure I would read it if there were.

the book girl gives BARBIE AND THE BEAST 2/5

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