Review: How to Score by Robin Wells (New Author Challenge)

how-to-scoreFrom the back of the book:

Her Life Coach

Museum curator Sammi Matthews isn’t just  in a dating slump, she’s putting men on the injured list. After giving one date a black eye and cracking another’s rib, Sammi decides  she needs professional help. Enter life coach Luke Jones, who advises Sammi on how to overcome her klutziness. And their phone sessions work! Sammi soon meets a sexy FBI agent who seems to know just what she needs.

Is Changing Her Life

When his brother Luke goes into federal protection, FBI Special Agent Chase Jones agrees to cover for him. Then Sammi’s hot voice sizzles down the line, and the usual “phone only” rule is out. With “Luke” coaching her by day, and Chase dating her by night, Sammi’s confidence soars, along with her appeal. Chas falls hard, but how will Sammi feels is and when he comes clean? Chase would rather break all his bones than risk breaking her heart.

In Ways She’s Never Imagined!

This book was very funny. Every date that Sammi goes one ends in someone getting injured and the way these injuries happen had me laughing out loud. The premise of the book of mistaken identities has been done before but I found the comedic touches in this one perfect. The only problem I had was that the book is set where I live and all of the places (where Sammi works, the restaurants, etc) were fictional. The fictional places kept throwing me out of the story, but I did love the romance between Sammi and Chase. The book would have been perfect if it had been set somewhere I wasn’t familiar with. I look forward to reading more by Robin Wells!

the book girl gives HOW TO SCORE 4/5!

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One Comment on “Review: How to Score by Robin Wells (New Author Challenge)

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m glad you liked the book. I deliberately kept things fictional because I didn’t want to get anyone in a specific neighborhood upset about “faux chateaux” ruining the integrity of their neighborhood. Tulsa does have great art deco architecture, though –so it was a natural setting for the story.

    My next book is set back in the fictional town of Chartreuse, Louisiana, and it should be out next summer. I hope you’ll review it, as well!

    Great web site! Thanks again!

    Robin Wells

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