Review: Glory Days by Irene Peterson (New Author Challenge)

glory-daysFrom the back of book:

He Knows His Women…

New Jersey PI Josh Preshin takes on all kinds of jobs. Discreet inquiries. Private investigations. Helping women find lost…articles of clothing from his office. Yup, no job too big or too small. Now if only he could figure out how to convince the knockout redhead with the very large knife that he’s not breaking into her grandmother Flo’s apartment. No. He’s Flo’s upstairs tenant. In need of a serious cup of coffee. Yeah, so he’s wearing only a towel. So what?

She’s Got His Number.

Liz Atwater isn’t about to take her eyes off this one – and not just because he’s about six feet worth of smirking, hunky gorgeousness, either. She’s had her share of bad luck with men, and some half naked guy helping himself to your coffee while looking you up and down is not a good sign. Something’s going on with Mr. John Preshin. And Liz intends to do some discreet investigating of her own. He’d better hang on to that towel...

This book was a lot less fun than I expected it to be. From the back blurb, it seemed like it would be a typical contemporary romance between the hunky PI and the relationship-shy redhead. That isn’t what this book is at all. John Preshin is a man hunted by his past, who will sleep with anything and then not remember it. The only funny part of the book is when he wakes up with duck-tape on his chest after such an encounter. The real story of the book is about a girl who hires John to find her father. She comes to him with a list of who it could be and his name is top of the list. Liz’s story isn’t happy either. After a terrible divorce she has moved back to NJ to help her ailing grandmother. I felt as if there was too much going on and not enough focus on any one part of the story. Also, I didn’t feel as if there was any HEA for John and Liz, just a HFN. Liz’s past didn’t reach any closure and John’s past was tied up a little too neatly for my tastes.

the book girl gives GLORY DAYS 2/5!

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