Review: Never Dare a Duke by Gayle Callen

never-dareFrom the back of the book:

An Indecent Proposal

Abigail Shaw is a proper young lady, hardly the sort to boldly offer a deal to London’s most distinguished and perfect duke. But Abigail, desperate to save her father’s newspaper business, is after a good scandal. She’d have the sensational headlines that would keep the ton talking – and the family business thriving – if only she could uncover the secrets of Christoper Cabot, the Duke of Madingley. What better way than a pretend romance? Yet, with all his seductive glances and stolen caresses, she somehow has to keep from succumbing to temptation.

Christopher finds Abigail – and her propsal – intriguing. A fake romance with the stunning commoner would allow him time to choose a suitable wife from among the would-be duchesses nipping at his heels. It seems like the perfect plan…as long as he can keep her from uncovering his one deep, dark secret. But as he falls for the cunning beauty, he will be tempted to reveal all – his secret, his heart, and his soul.

Abigail Shaw has an independent streak a mile wide and when she finds out that her father’s business is in trouble she sets to find a solution. The Duke of Madingley is her solution. If she can find out something truly scandalous about the Duke it would save her father’s newspaper. The Duke of Madingley spends his time trying to be perfect and not be a disappointment to his family. These two are drawn to each other, but not for the reasons they think. I found it interesting that Abigail was so confident about her skills as a writer, and her ability to ferret out the truth, but didn’t think she was “good enough” for the Duke. Chris has his own set of issues, but none are really what keeps him apart from Abigail in the beginning. I really liked that this entire book takes place in one location. It really made me able to get a real feel for where the story was taking place. Gayle Callen is becoming one of my favorite historical romance writers.

the book girl gives NEVER DARE A DUKE a 5/5!

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