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I love all of the different Jane Austen movies. From the straight adaptations of her novels (Emma and P&P are my favorites) to the Austen inspired versions (Bride & Prejudice and Lost in Austen).

My favorite scene is the lake scene from the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. I love him as Darcy. When I reread the book he is always how I picture Darcy to look. In Emma, I love the part towards the end when Emma realized how she feels about Knightly and is concerned about what his brother might say to him about her. “I hate John, I love John.” I’ll be repeating that line over and over after watching the movie. I watched it a few weeks ago and was repeating the line when my 4 year old overheard me. She wanted to know who John was and

Here are some my favorite clips from different Austen movies.

The last scene from P&P:

First Date scene with Darcy from Bride and Prejudice:

Lost in Austen –

Cute montage about Austen couples:

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Austen movie moment and the winner will win their choice of Pride & Prejudice (BBC version) or Lost in Austen. Contest runs through Saturday at midnight. Winner will be announced on Sunday. US addresses only, please.

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  1. Just one? From Gwenyth Paltrow’s Emma, I love when Knightley criticizes Emma…it always makes my gut wrench because I feel for them both. And I think the carriage scene between Emma and Mr. Elton is hilarious!

    Ok, that’s two, and I haven’t even discussed any of the other adaptations. 😉

  2. I love Jane at the movies, and have to agree with you. I love the scene from P&P where Colin Firth emerges from the Lake to discover Elizabeth at his home. But what I love almost as much is the scene from the second Bridget Jones’s Diary movie where Bridget interviews Colin and her love for that particular scene. In the book it was absolutely hilarious, and was just as funny on the big screen. Love Jane, her books and movie adaptations are my comfort reads/watches.

  3. Ah, Bride and Prejudice! That adaptation was a chance for my mom and I to bond–she loves Bollywood, and I love Jane, so we watched this one together.

    Every once in a while, one of us sneaks up behind the other to sing “No Life Without Wife.” 🙂

  4. My absolute favorite Jane Austen moment takes place in the 2005 P&P movie. Lizzie is in the gazebo-esque structure and she is trying to sort out all of the new information she has discovered about Mr. Darcy. Of course it is raining, because it wouldn’t be dramatic enough if the weather had been fine. Then, Mr. Darcy himself comes and both characters reveal their feelings in the most intense and emotional way possible. I think that I sit forward in my seat and hold my breath every time this scene comes on!

  5. My favorite is a scene from Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly.. the one where she arrives at Pemberly with her aunt and uncle, and eventually ends up meeting Darcy. They’re so awkward around each other, it’s so cute!

  6. My favorite scene is from 2005’s Pride and Prejudice. It is the alternative ending for the film in which Lizzy and Darcy are at Pemberley after their wedding and they discuss the way Darcy should call Lizzy.

    It is not in the novel but somehow it reminds me of the same discussion in Emma and, in that sense, the scene is very “austenian” — though it’s a little bit corny, I know.

  7. I LOVE Jane Austen movies. I’ve even got the husband watching them now when I’m not around. He called me (he’s in the Navy away at training) this weekend and was watching S&S! lol. He took my copy of P&P (Macfadyen) with him when he left. I always see Darcy as CF even though I am a HUGE MM fan. MM will always be Arthur Clenum and CF will ALWAYS be Darcy.

  8. I love the scene in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice at Pemberley where Elizabeth and Georgiana are at the piano. That look Darcy gives Elizabeth is divine. And for pure fun, I just giggle every time Mr. Collins shows Elizabeth through his home, pointing out the closet in particular! One of the tenderest scenes in the 1995 Persuasion is where Captain Wentworth overhears Anne talking with Captain Harville at the window. The contained emotion of all three parties in that moment is exquisite.

  9. My favorite is from P&P (the real version, aka BBC version) at the end where Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy finally declare their love for each other. Or at least, Darcy does it again and it’s reciprocated.

  10. My all time favorite scene is the ’95 PP piano scene; Georgiana is at the piano and Elizabeth walks back to her after the mention of Wickham by that horrible Bingley woman. It shows Darcy how much Lizzie cares for his sister and she wants to protect her. The look on his face is priceless. Love it!

  11. Oh this is hard! I love in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice when mr Darcy helps Elizabeth into the carriage and it’s the first time that they touch without gloves and then he does the had fles thing! So hot! Also in Emma at the end when Gwyneth Paltrow says You’re My Mr. Knightley! But then there is the wet shirt scenes in with Colin Firth. But I love the when Edward proposes to Elinor in both the 2008 and 1995 versions of Sense and Sensibility! And my favorite movie scene based on Austen in the fight scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary!

  12. I haven’t watched the movie is quite some time so I can say I have a favorite scene! I think I need to watch it again!

  13. Oh my stars, you are having the best giveaways for this theme! I lurve it! I’m so glad Laurel Ann shared about you, can’t believe I have been missing out on all your book reviews. I’ve got a lot of reading to do in your archives! ha ha

    My favorite Austen movie moment is from the 1995 film adaption of Persuasion… the group has gone on a country walk for the day and when they are returning, Mr & Mrs Croft are riding by in the carriage and Captain Wentworth confides in his sister to offer Anne a ride home. When she refuses, he takes her hand, then moves her body toward the carriage and then places his hands tightly on her waist and lifts her into the seat. Afterwards, she is flustered and the expression on Wentworths face of trying to hide his grin… is priceless. Sigh…

  14. I stumbled upon Bride and Prejudice on night flipping through the channels and was in love! i getting ready to leave but i watched the whole thing. And I loved when PBS was doing all the Austen Classics! If you wanted to find me on Sunday night that where I was.

  15. You don’t have to enter me because I already own both films (LOVE them!), but one of my favorite scenes is the one in P&P when Elizabeth is playing the piano at Rosings, Col. Fitzwilliam is talking to her, Darcy comes over and he and Elizabeth have an exchange about how neither of them plays for strangers…and then Lady Catherine rudely interrupts. The underlying emotion in that scene is just SO good! Also, I love the piano scene at Pemberley when Georgiana is playing, Elizabeth is helping her and Darcy is looking on…

  16. I’d have to say any scene with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy is my favorite. I haven’t seen Lost in Austen yet. Must put that film on my Netflix queue. And after seeing these clips, must get my copy of P&P out for a re-watch!

  17. Oh wow check out all these Austen Posts. I am in heaven!!
    I’ve jsut ‘discovered’ her .. and I can’t wait to read all I can by her as well as the sequels.
    please enter me for this drawing as well! Thx for the opportunity!

  18. OK, I am sitting here wishing I had better internet so I could watch those and running through all the Austen movies I have in my head trying to decide which moment in which one is my all time favorite. I can’t! It’s impossible, I think. 😉 I can’t even pick one movie to pick a scene from. I’m hopeless!

    The one movie popping up in my head the most right now is the “pink” Pride and Prejudice because my friend and I were talking about it earlier. There are so many great scenes in there, too! The bookstore, the lunch, the Collins proposal, that whole bit getting caught in the rain and meeting the sister and getting a ride back with Caroline. (Yes, many painful scenes, too, I admit it!) Hmm, how about at the part when he finds Darcy in the car in the garage hiding and comments on how the girls can’t even speak in complete sentences and the girls walk by to prove it.

    Definitely not the best Austen film moment ever, but it’s what is stuck there right now. That, or in the earlier BBC P&P with Charlotte and Elizabeth talking about the hat and then later with Charlotte and Collins in the water and the hat.

  19. THese are amazing giveaways! My favorite Austen scene is when Darcy is fencing and says “I will conquer this.” So good 🙂 Please enter me in this giveaway!

  20. I love the scene in Lost in Austen when Amanda asks Mr. Darcy to jump in the lake for her. And then all she says is “I am having a very postmodern moment.” It is an absolute crack up and I thought it was so clever and hiliarious!!

  21. I am a huge fan…I love her movies, they make me feel almost every emotion from laughter to tears. Oh, to write like her!

    I love your blog! Found you on Facebook through a friend. Looking to see how I would follow but I believe I will add you to my blogroll. What an amazing Blog, love it!!

  22. I like the scene when Lizzie and Pemberley meet…there are so many great scenes in these movies…an excellent giveaway…count me in.

    karen k

  23. I love the part in Pride & Prejudice when Darcy and Elizabeth dance. They are so rude to each other but you can still see the sparks flying.

  24. I loved the BBC production, and Bride and Prejudice. I even enjoyed Lost in Austen – I rented it but would like to watch it again.

    I love the colorful market scene in Bride & Prejudice, and the “No Life Without Wife” dance number where the sisters are making fun of the Mr. Collins character.

  25. I commented earlier, but it never went through. I hope I’m not too late. My favorite moment from Lost in Austen is when she wakes up with Jane in bed with her. I love how her first thought is that Jane is making a move.

  26. My favorite scene is in the 2005 P&P version where Mr. Darcy bursts into the Collins’ house and startles Elizabeth. His awkardness is so endearing, and then he bolts out the door as Charlotte comes in. I love that moment!

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