Review: Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

seduce-me-at-sunrise From the back of the book:

Winnifred Hathaway has been an invalid ever since a case of scarlet fever nearly killed her. Kev Merripen is a tall, dark Romany Gypsy who was taken in by the Hathaways when he was just a boy. He has always kept his fierce passion for Win a secret, since he knew that a romantic relationship between them was impossible.

Win goes to an exclusive clinic, a long way from home, her family – and Merripen. There, she begins to make a remarkable recovery. And when she returns two years later, Win is a changed woman.

But Kev has become a hard man who denies his love for Win. When a suiter sets his sights on her, Kev relizes that it’s now or never. If he is ever to find happiness with Win, he must propose – and in order to do that he must confront a dangerous secret.

This book only worked for me because of Win. I couldn’t stand the stoic Kev at all. HE just wasn’t a character I felt anything for, but I love Win. She has had a hard life, but isn’t content to lay around and not live it. I loved her take charge attitude. The relationship only works because she tries so hard to make it so. Not taking no for an answer. I found all of the backstory into Kev and Win’s brother-in-law Cam’s lives very interesting and it helped me to understand more about both characters. Without that insight, I wouldn’t have believed in the relationships being formed. This book was just okay and I wasn’t upset that I had put it off for so long.

the book girl gives SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE a 3/5!

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  1. I liked this story, although I liked the first book better. Am looking forward to book 3, it’s in my TBR but I haven’t read it yet.

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