Review: He’s No Prince Charming by LuAnn McLane (New Author Challenge)

44537944From the back of the book:

At sixteen, Dakota Dunn was America’s Pop Princess. Now twenty-five, she’s all grown up and washed up. She decides to head to her parents’ lakefront retreat in Tennessee, fixing to write some new songs and transform her image from squeaky-clean to kickin-country.

Turns out, while she was in L.A., her folks handed over the operations to sexy, cranky cowboy Trace Coleman, a former bull-riding champion benched by injuries. He’s not too happy about Dakota’s arrival and makes no secret of it. Although Trace is rough around the edges, Dakota feels a pull of attraction she can’t quite shake. For all his brooding, Trace has an animal magnetism that may just lead Dakota to dig in her heels and hold on tight.

This book was fun! I loved Trace and his grumpy exterior. Dakota took some getting used to, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like her and Trace together, but it did work for me. I am a sucker for the wounded hero so Trace was my favorite character. There isn’t really much I can say about the book other than it was a fun read, but lacking in emotional depth. I thought that there could have been more diving into the emotional needs of both main characters instead of just their sexual needs.

the book girl gives HE’S NO PRINCE CHARMING a 3/5

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