Review: Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell

44560456From the back of the book:


Rod Tritone has the looks and charm to snag any queen he wants for his Mer kingdom, but unfortunately, it’s not up to him. As fate would have it, the one woman destined to join him on the throne is terrified of water…


Valerie Dumere thinks Rod is gorgeous and irresistible – but why does he keep insisting she has another side to herself that only he can show her?

Somehow, Rod has to prove to her who she really is. But when she finds out the truth, will she ever forgive him?

This is the second book in the mer series by Judi Fennell. While, I did enjoy this book it wasn’t (in my opinion) as good as the first one. I was constantly distracted from the story by the birds, especially Livingston, who was Rod’s sidekick. Talking birds were just silly and I couldn’t seem to get past it. The blossoming attraction between Rod and Valerie is fantastic and the writing is excellent. Ms. Fennell is able to describe the underwater kingdom in such a way that I could visualize it in my head. The puns and play on words used throughout the book are fun too. I would give this book a 5 if there hadn’t been any talking birds, lol.

I just want to say though that if the talking birds won’t be a problem for you, this book is pretty much a flawless romance – well written and fun.

the book girl gives WILD BLUE UNDER a 4/5

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Review: Christmas Spirit by Amy Garvey (New Author Challenge)

38223529From the back of the book:

Snow on the roofs and wreaths on the doors and chains on the tires…isn’t Christmas in New England wonderful? But Charlotte Prescott is too busy taking in super-sexy reporter Sam Landry to notice the nip in the air. Make that the nip in the air alternating with the scorching heat that rises whenever she and Sam are alone together. Charlotte would be happy to forget the supernatural third wheel who seems to be staying for the season in the quaint old house she inherited. It is real. Someone’s slurping down all the good eggnog. And something is drawing Charlie and Sam together under the mistletoe – not to mention everywhere else. Happy holidays!

This book worked for me on some levels and not on others. I loved the relationship being built between Charlie and Sam, but could have done without the ghosts. What seemed like it should be a major plot point, Charlie’s house being haunted, was really a very little part of the book. It set up the reason for Sam and Charlie to meet, but that was about it and the resolution happens so quickly that I almost missed it. I thought the book was just okay and not really what I expected it to be.

the book girl gives CHRISTMAS SPIRIT a 3/5

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Review: The Foundling by Georgette Heyer

42503876From the back of the book:

The Duke of Sale is out to prove himself

The shy, young Duke of Sale has never known his parents. Instead, his Grace Adolphus Vernon Ware, Gilly for short, has endured twenty-four years of rigorous mollycoddling from his uncle and valet. But his natural diffidence conceals a rebellious spirit.

A Mysterious beauty provides the perfect opportunity

When Gilly hears of Belinda, the beautiful foundling who appears to be blackmailing his cousin, he absconds with glee. But he has no sooner entered this new and dangerous world than he is plunged into a frenzy of intrigue, kidnapping, adventure, and surprises at every turn.

This book is fantastic. I liked the fact that the book didn’t focus on the heroine, but upon the hero – Gilly. Gilly grows into his own and comes out from under the thumb of his family. Belinda is a nice secondary character, but a bit light on development. Heyer’s books are ones that can be read over and over while still being enjoyable. THE FOUNDLING will definitely have a place of honor on my bookshelf.

the book girl gives THE FOUNDLING a 5/5

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funny_thanksgiving_card-p137019889715204108qqld_400I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We’ll be spending the day driving to Norman for Thanksgiving with my family. Tomorrow the hubby and I will get up too early to do some Christmas shopping and having a birthday party for the girl who turned 5 last weekend. Saturday we are going to the OU vs. OSU bedlam game (Go Pokes)! It will be a very tiring three day trip, but a lot of fun.

I won’t be posting anything new until Monday, because my grandparents don’t have wi-fi.

Do you have any fun plans for Thanksgiving??

Saturday Video

I’m getting a little bored with the books trailers on Saturdays, so for the next several weeks I’ll be posting music videos.

This week it is MEET ME HALFWAY by the Black Eyed Peas. I saw them in concert with U2 in October and they were amazing live. So fun of energy and they sounded great. I think this video is a lot of fun! Anyone else a Black Eyed Peas fan??

Fabulous Friday!

517zpmsjeel_sl500_aa240_In honor of my daughter’s 5th birthday on Sunday, this week’s Fabulous Friday giveaway is for one of her favorite new things. She is really into music and while we have to listen to the usual – Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, etc – she also really likes the music from the show GLEE. So, I’m going to give away the GLEE Volume #1 to a lucky commenter.

Contest runs through 5pm on Sunday the 22nd. US addresses only and the winner has 7 days to claim their prize! Also you can earn an extra entry by tweeting the following – Fabulous Friday – Glee Volume 1 #thebookgirl

Review: Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle

34016457From the back of the book

A mysterious deception…

an unstoppable desire.

Lady Phaedra Northampton is a proper English miss – but burdened by a dark secret. She’s buried her shame in running her wealthy brother Lord Nash’s household while hiding behind a sharp wit and dull wardrobe…until a reckless village maid’s disappearance pulls her into London’s seedy underworld.

A former mercenary and jaded spy-for-hire, Tristan Talbot, Lord Avoncliffe, now does little, and manages to do it scandalously. Though Tristan’s an out-and-out rogue, when his dying father begs him to delve into the secrets behind a notorious brother – a perfect task for his talents! – Tristan can’t refuse. Is the brothel a front for a notorious Russian spy ring? Tristan is on the hunt – until his path collides with the oh-so-tempting Lady Phae.

Soon what should be a simple assignment becomes deliciously complicated…when deception and desire lead to an explosive passion – and deadly foes!

I put off reading this because I was not a fan of the last trilogy (Never Lie to a Lady, etc), but I really liked this book. It was wonderfully written and surprisingly emotional. At first, Tristan got on my nerves. I could tell there was more to the character and wanted to get past all the man-whore stuff. Once that was over I totally fell in love with him. Phae was harder to understand. I won’t give it away, but it wasn’t until she tells Tristan about her past that I understood her motivation. There were several plots/subplots to this story and I think that is why I liked it so much.

the book girl gives TEMPTED ALL NIGHT a 5/5!

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NaNo Update #3

Things have finally started progressing with my story. My heroine thinks the hero is an arrogant jerk, and the hero can’t see beyond her boobs and I LOVE IT!! (I promise it works within the story and the hero isn’t a jerk.) I don’t know if I’m going to hit the 50,000 words, but I have been writing everyday!

And this is what I watch when I get stuck…it has nothing to do with my story or anything else for that matter. I just love to watch it:)

NSFW or little children – some almost nakedness and sexy-times