NaNo Update 2

So, I still haven’t written much and am loosing the hope that I will win this year. I think the problem is that I don’t LOVE what I’m writing and it just isn’t flowing the way it should. I think that I am going to work on another idea and come back to this one at some point later.

That’s about it for NaNo, but I am excited about something else…New Books!!

Lauren Dane and Megan Hart’s new book No Reservations was released this week! I am going to pick up my copy this weekend and can’t wait to settle in and read it. Also, I have a galley of Lauren’s next contemporary, Coming Undone, that I plan on reading tonight and tomorrow.(I’m beginning to see that I’m reading too much and not writing)

There are so many holiday books out now and I have a huge love of all things Christmas including romances set during that time. I picked up several anthologies and harlequins this past weekend to get ready for December!

What books have you bought this week?? Any books you’re looking forward to in November or December?

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