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I was so excited when I saw that you can now download Kindle books for your PC. This means that when Amazon offers Kindle books for free or cheap I can now download them without an actual Kindle or if I’m on the road and only have my laptop I could download something as long as I can connect to the web.

For example, Maya Banks’ UNDERSTOOD is available for free this week (click here to take you to the book). I downloaded it and read it, then bought the others in the series. I think this is great for author’s and readers both.

I will admit that I still really want an actual Kindle – it would be much easier to read on than my laptop. But, until I can convince my husband that it is a necessity, I’ll take what I can get.

Has anyone else used this new feature yet?

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  1. I didn’t know about this, thanks for sharing!

    I’m not very good at reading books on the computer, but that could be tempting if the right book were free or cheap enough!

  2. OOh, thanks for letting me know about this! I don’t have a kindle either, though I’m supposedly getting an ebook reader for Christmas. I suggest looking at some of the lower priced ones. The ebookwise is only 95 dollars, as opposed to the 200 dollar kindles. The only real difference is that you cannot download ebooks wirelessly on the ebookwise. I find that a little more comforting, since it means I can have all my ebooks backed up on my computer/external harddrive, and should something happen, my books cannot be lost!

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