Review: Breakfast in Bed by Robin Kaye

44357386From the back of the book:

He’d be Mr. Perfect

if he wasn’t a perfect mess…

Rich Ronaldi is almost the complete package – smart, sexy, great job – but when his girlfriend dumps him, Rich swears he’ll learn to cook and clean just to win her back…

She’ll be glad to make him over,

but not for another woman…

Rich is the only guy Becca Larsen’s ever met who hasn’t tried to change her. She’s happy to help him master the domestic arts, but she’ll be damned if he’ll start cooking in another woman’s kitchen – or bedroom…

This is the third book in the “domestic gods” series. I loved the first book, ROMEO, ROMEO. I liked the second book, TOO HOT TO HANDLE. I enjoyed this book. In my opinion BREAKFAST IN BED isn’t as good as ROMEO, ROMEO – but it is still a fun read. Becca was hard for me to put up with, because she isn’t happy with herself. She does show growth through the book, so I learned to love her. Rich was one of my favorite secondary characters from the first two books. He is a like a little boy in a man’s body at first, but grows up throughout this book. I liked watching them get it wrong and then so very right.

the book girl gives BREAKFAST IN BED a 4/5!

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