Review: Driven By Desire by LuAnn McLane

27451664From the back of the book:

Daredevil stunts and dangerous accidents are par for the course in the adrenaline-fueled world of motocross racing. Just ask Alexia Spencer, who almost lost her high school sweetheart in a near-fatal accident. But when she asked him to give up racing, Jayden Michaels rode off without even a good-bye, leaving Alexia heartbroken.

Ten years later, Jayden’s back, and determined to prove he’s over Alexia. But it’s impossible to ignore the irresistible woman she’s become. And it isn’t long before Jayden finds himself on Alexia’s doorstep, driven by his insatiable desire, hoping he can tempt the woman he still loves into letting herself fell the heat…and taking a risk with her heart.

I felt like this book could have been shortened to novella length and been perfect. The conflict of the story has to do with something that happened in the past. A secret that Alexia is keeping. All she needs to do is share it with Jayden and there would be a happy ending. But even though she is sleeping and claiming to be still in love with Jayden, she doesn’t tell him. I found this fact very annoying. Unless you are looking for a story that has lots of sex and little emotion I would stay away from this book.

the book girl gives DRIVEN BY DESIRE a 2/5

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