Review: Guilty Pleasure by Lora Leigh

44776633From the back of the book:

Marty Matthews had always known about the secret, forbidden pleasures that the women she had grown up with enjoyed. Women whose husbands or lovers were members of the exclusive Club, where they took a selected third into their beds. And there is one man – a dangerous, forbidden man – who is part of this world and who has haunted Marty’s dreams for years. But she has also been the FBI agent assigned to shadow him, making him completely off-limits…That is, until Khalid is cleared and Marty is released from her assignment. Now all bets are off…

The beautiful, fierce Marty Matthews is the one woman Khalid hungers for like no other and is the one woman he dare not let himself have. His past dogs his every step and danger lurks around every corner. If he wants to keep her safe, he must stay away from her. But the power of their desire is something they cannot deny – and once Marty is his. Khalid will do whatever it takes to keep her in his bed and in his arms forever.

I liked this book. It is part of a series, but can stand on its own. Khalid is very mysterious and although we learn a little about him through the book I though that we could have found out more. Marty got on my nerves in the beginning. She is one of those “independent” characters who does stupid things in the name of being her own woman. I did grow to like her more throughout the book, but she will never be one of my favorite characters. The suspense to the story is spelled out from the very beginning. The reader is told who the bad guys are and the whole story leads up to their attack. I kept waiting for something to happen and it took what seemed like forever. The sex in the book is very hot, but lacks emotion. Even though the reader is told that their is a connection, I never felt that there was. The most annoying thing, in my opinion, is the book just ends as soon as the threat is over. It didn’t feel finished to me.

the book girl gives GUILTY PLEASURE a 2/5

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