Review: Double the Heat Anthology

38875528From the back of the book:

What could be more fun than a game between friends – or lovers? In these four sexy stories of mixed-up couples and mistaken identities, it’s not about winning but how much you like to play.

Includes a brand-new novella featuring Hart Winston, whose switch with his hot identical-twin brother has one woman calling foul play. You can bet that in the game of love no one is going to follow the rules…

This anthology features stories by Lori Foster, Deidre Martin, Elizabeth Bevarly, and Christie Ridgway. I enjoyed the stories by Lori Foster and Deidre Martin, but didn’t care for the other two. The Foster story, Hart and Soul, features one of the Winston cousins. I just love those Winston boys. The Martin story features her New York Blades hockey team. I have enjoyed all of the previous stories in this series and loved that this one mainly took place within the O’Brian’s pub. The other two stories fell flat for me. The Bevarly story, Double Booked, is about two acquaintances who are booked into the same condo during their vacations. I just couldn’t get into the fact that two people who disliked each other so much in the beginning could fall in love so fast. The Ridgway story, Original Zin, was okay but I think it would have worked better as a longer story.

The book girl gives DOUBLE THE HEAT a 4/5

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