Review: The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie

45515793From the back of the book:

Daisy Flattery is a free spirit with a soft spot for strays and a weakness for a good story. Why else would she agree to the outrageous charade offered by her buttoned-down workaholic neighbor, Linc Blaise? The history professor needs to have a fiancee in order to capture his dream job, and Daisy is game to play the role. But something funny happens on their way to the altar that changes everything. Now, with the proverbial midnight hour approaching, will Daisy lose her prince, or will opposites not only attract but live happily ever after?

This book is a fun romance with some very emotional moments. Daisy is a free spirit and Linc is a stick-in-the-mud professor. These two are the ultimate opposites attract. They have nothing in common and don’t even like each other in the beginning. I loved all the little positive ways that they change each other and hated all of the major ways Daisy changed herself to please Linc. I loved the moral of this “fairy-tale” : Be careful what you wish for. Linc and Daisy both thought they knew what they wanted out of life until they started getting it and it started changing them. Life is about who you are and who you love not what you do for a living or how other people see you. The only thing I didn’t care for in the book was Linc’s attitude. At times I wanted to slap the man! Daisy was so sweet and loving and he wanted her to be someone else. But he redeemed himself in the end!

The book girl gives THE CINDERELLA DEAL a 4/5!

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