Mother’s Day Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Mother’s Day Romance Giveaway!
3 lucky winners will receive all the books pictured above, courtesy of Hachette!

1. Montana Destiny by R. C. Ryan
2. Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
3. Still the One by Robin Wells
4. Desire Me by Robyn DeHart
5. Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory
6. To Surrender to a Rogue by Cara Elliott

To Enter: Leave me a comment with your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day gift.
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This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada residents only. (No P.O. Boxes) Deadline to enter is midnight on May 9th.

Giveaway copies were provided free of any obligation by Hachette Book Group.

50 Comments on “Mother’s Day Giveaway!!

  1. A nice home cooked breakfast and then a day spent with the kids. Of course, they would get along all day long.

  2. Perfect Mother’s Day gift for me–being a single mother–is a weekend to myself. Sigh. Yes. Just time.

  3. For me a nice mothers day gift would be for someone to cook me breakfast and my evening meal and not have to cook all day! I would just love to spend the day curled up with a good book would be the best gift of all. These look like some awesome books and I don’t have any of these. These books would be a great way to spend the day!

  4. For my Mom, if I had unlimited resources, I would book us on a little day trip, staying the night somewhere in a quaint little inn or bed and breakfast, with some exploration of the nearby tourist attractions. Then I’d take her out to dinner, and give her what she’s been asking me to get her for a while now.. “It’s Complicated” on DVD. Sadly, I can’t do all that.. but she will be getting the DVD, it’s the least I can do.

  5. I love when my son makes me something homemade (a card, photos, collage – anything I can save). The sheepishly proud look on his face is the best present ever!

    For my mother I decided to get her several pieces of Vera Bradley in her all-time favorite color scheme of black, white and yellow. She loves VB and carrying my gift every day is almost like having me home again, at least that’s what she claims

  6. My mother’s day present for my mom is ~ my daughter and I take my mom out to eat. We spend the day with her. Shopping, eating, talking, laughing and making memories.
    For myself, I get breakfast in bed. (Until I get up and see the kitchen – which I have to clean, lol). But my hubs and daughter bring me breakfast. That is the one day I get that and I have come to treasure it!
    Now what would be ideal is me not having to clean the kitchen! =)
    Thanks for the chance for this awesome treat!

  7. Sitting down along side my sister and just holding a conversation with her. Watching some movies, dinner, and when she goes to bed the reassurance of a hug, kiss, and an I love you. Think my mom would enjoy that more than mostly anything.

  8. Since I will be recovering from surgery on Mother’s Day, the perfect gifts would be meals I didn’t have to prepare, great books to read, and being able to sleep in late.

  9. Cleaning the whole house, doing the laundry and making her breakfast in bed. Make sure she doesnt lift a finger all day!

  10. A day alone with a pile of books followed by dinner out with the family (or in so long as I don’t have to cook it) 🙂 Sounds like bliss to me.

  11. For my mother she has always liked when we cook for her and eat together as a family. During the day my sister and I go out shopping with her, spoiling her, trying to get her to buy things that makes her feel special. After all that’s what the day is about anyway.

  12. The perfect Mother’s Day gift for me is just spending time with my son – doing things we like to do, like visiting an amusement park, going to dinner, hanging out.

  13. The perfect Mother’s Day gift — an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card in a huge amount. (Sure hope my kids read this, hint hint if you do!).

    But outside the family gifts, perfect for me is that I’d get a call from my agent saying my novel is sold with a healthy advance.



  14. My idea of a great Mothers Day gift is a gift card a book store and time to read the book.

  15. Thanks for the contest. The perfect Mother’s Day gift would be to have a nice, quite, stress-free day.

    niteofblu at gmail dot com

  16. Mom’s favourite Mother’s Day gift is her choice of restaurants when she gets to the city.

  17. I would have to say a nice family dinner and have the guys do all the cleaning…

  18. My perfect Mother’s Day gift is a 1 hour body treatment followed by a hour deep massage. But…it’s just a dream.

  19. I’m not a mother, but a perfect day for me and my mom would be a looong afternoon, just hanging out, doing some gardening, and possibly heading out to a large city park that’s local to my hometown.

    But since I live 4 states away from Mom, I have to settle for a long phone conversation and the perfect flower delivery. 🙁

  20. The perfect mother’s day gift would involve a day of pampering. Breakfast in bed, followed by a day out shopping with friends, while the house gets cleaned top to bottom. Lunch at a cafe. A walk in the park and home to find dinner already cooked. And a free evening of leisure to read or watch a dvd.

  21. A book is my idea of a perfect gift anytime – along with the time alone to read it undisturbed!

  22. The perfect mothers’ day gift? A clean house , a lush bubble bar, a bottle of wine, and a good book.

  23. This year I bought my Mom the new season of Mad Men and I’ve ordered a strawberry pie from a local bakery. Hope she likes it 🙂

  24. Perfect Mother’s Day would be the 3 generations of Moms in my family getting together for the day. Eating, talking, laughing…

  25. The perfect Mother’s Day gift, in my opinion, would be for the Mother’s children to take her out for the day doing things she loves to do. When I lived in the same town as my mom I took her out to dinner every Mother’s Day, and she always loved it along with the flowers and cards we gave her!

  26. My idea of a perfect Mother’s Day gift is to be able to see my daughter and grandson. He is 3 1/2 years old, and I have seen him only once since his second Christmas. I am finally well enough to travel no matter how bad I feel physically.

  27. A perfect Mother’s Day gift would be a portrait of our children and their families. On our 25th wedding anniversary our three children gave us a portrait they had taken. That was 13 years ago and it would be nice to have one with their families.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net.

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