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Now or Never…

It’s the last chance for Cynthia Brightly, the ton’s most bewitching belle. Driven out of London by a secret scandal, she must find a grand hunsband at the Redmonds’ house party before word of her downfall spreads all over England. Un fortunately, someone at Pennyroyal Green is already privy to the whispers of broken engagements and dueling lovers: Miles Redmond, renowned explorer and – thanks to his brother’s disappearance – heir to the family’s enormous fortune.

Miles set his sights on Cynthia once, at a time when the ambitious beauty thought herself too good for a  second son. But now he’s heir apparent, relishing his control. He strikes a bargain with her: he’ll keep Cynthia’s steamy secrets and help her find a husband among the guests – in exchange for a single kiss.

What could be the harm in a simple kiss? Cynthia is about to discover that it’s enough to unleash fierce passion – and that Miles Redmond is most certainly like no other lover in the world.

After not loving the first book in this series I was a little worried when I started this one. All I can say is that I LOVED this book. Miles and Cynthia are fantastic. There were parts of the story that had me laughing out loud (and telling my husband in detail what I had just read) and parts that had me tearing up in the carpool line at my kids’ school. Like in THE PERILS OF PLEASURE, the writing is fantastic and the story moves at a great pace. I especially liked the glimpses we get of the other characters, they don’t overshadow the main characters and really help bring out the good and bad characteristics of Miles and Cynthia. I also liked that Cynthia wasn’t perfect – in fact, she is far from it. I can’t wait to read more in this series. I have the rest, including today’s release WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE, and plan to read the series straight through.

the book girl gives LIKE NO OTHER LOVER a 5/5

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