Not Reading….

Lately I’ve been finding myself watching TV instead of reading. I blame Netflix! I have been on a TV on DVD binge. I’m through season 3 of Charmed on DVD, and spent all day today watching Coupling and Dr. Who on Netflix instant. I picked up several books this week and just couldn’t get into the story. I think it is because I’ve read so much lately that my brain needed a break. Does this ever happen to you?

ETA: I’m happy to say that I picked up THE SWEETEST THING by Jill Shalvis tonight and the story drew me right in. So, maybe, my reading break is over and I’ll get back to my regular reading schedule.

6 thoughts on “Not Reading….”

  1. A couple of weeks ago I just had to stop reading for a few days — I wasn’t enjoying anything I was picking up. I watched movies instead and it seemed to refresh my brain!

  2. That actually happens to me quite often. I read so much that my brain just wants to nap for a while. So to prepare, I usually read a whole bunch when I’m still into the idea, and therefore stockpile reviews and blog posts, so I can relax and not even think about reviews and blogging when it comes time for me to want a break.

  3. This happens to me often. The book I am reading on now I have been on it about a week, its not that the book is not good I have just been watching more TV and don’t set down to read until about midnight, so I don’t read much. I get to where I just can’t get into a book.

  4. Oh, gosh, that happens to me all the time! Oh, and I blame Netlif to 🙂 I got into a Buffy binge a while back and couldn’t stop! Do you watch the instant on your computer or through your TV? I’ve been wanting to get something so I can just chill out infront of the TV….

  5. I watch through the TV. In the living room our Wii is Netflix compatible and in our bedroom our Tivo and Blu-ray are compatible. I’ve done the Buffy marathon too! I love how all the seasons are available on some shows.

  6. Yeah and a lot of the newer movies are starting to become instant sooner, too, which is awesome! 🙂 I think I’m gonna have to break and get a Play Station 3 or something to watch it through 🙂

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