Review: SWEET POSSESSION by Maya Banks

95325200From the back of the book:

She’s a singer who lives for the spotlight – and can’t resist her adoring fans.

Outrageous and out of control, Lyric Jones is a spoiled pop star who lives hard and fast, always outrunning her past and the nightmares that haunt her. She’s used to getting what she wants – groupies included – because she can’t stand to be alone. So in bed it’s the more the merrier, even if it means closing off the deepest part of herself.

He’s a hands-on bodyguard – and a one-woman man.

There is nothing Connor Malone wants to do less than babysit the celebrity songstress while she’s on vacation. But part of him relishes taming Lyric and showing her what it’s like to be possessed – body and soul – by one man. and though Lyric’s crazy antics nearly drive Connor to the edge, his quiet intensity penetrates her defenses, leaving them both vulnerable to the secrets that could topple Lyric from the stage.

I had been waiting for Conner’s book since the beginning of the series. He was always giving the other guys a hard time and I couldn’t wait for him to fall hard. I wasn’t sure about Lyric, since she in the previous books, but I really liked the character. She is damaged and vulnerable, but puts out an “I don’t care” vibe with everyone. Lyric lets others thing the worst of her so no one will get too close. I loved Conner and lyric together. He smooths all of her rough edges and likes her for the real her. SWEET POSSESSION is the perfect final book. Each character is updated in a subtle way and the last chapter (with all of the Sweet couples) almost made me cry. Ms. Banks wrote it in such a way that there was a finality to the series and a massive happily ever after for everyone. Conner’s book was definitely worth the wait!

the book girl gives SWEET POSSESSION a 5/5

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4 Comments on “Review: SWEET POSSESSION by Maya Banks

  1. Hmmmm… I’ve never read a Maya Banks book, but I’mma guessin’ I need to 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this one. Lyric was great…a little hard to warm up to at the beginning because she was so prickly but by the end I was totally rooting for her.

    I loved that Connor wanted her for who she was…and didn’t want anything FROM her. Seeing all the other couples from the previous books was fun — loved the pool scene, that was hysterical.

    And a heroine who is a size 12?!? Don’t often see that. Love love love it!

  3. Loved this book, but it is not the last in the series. Book 6, Sweet Addiction, will be Cole’s book, who was not featured in this book. That is releasing next April 2012. I am suspecting that his book will be more along the lines of Damon and Micah, and while I am guessing that we will see them in Cole’s book, not sure how much the others we will. He does not know Gray or Connor and Nathan cannot stand him for coming onto Julie in Sweet Seduction. But we have at least one more “hardcore” one left and then I guess we we see if she ends that series on that note.

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