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Hope Scroggs is finally ready to get hitched. After years of sowing her wild oats, the former head cheerleader and homecoming queen has returned to Bramble, Texas, to marry her high school flame. But her perfect wedding plans are stomped to smithereens when her adoring cowboy two-steps down the aisle with someone else. Now Hope is stuck with the one man from her past she can’t shake: Colt Lomax, an irresistible bad boy whose sultry kisses are hotter than the Panhandle in august…

Colt lives for freedom and the open road; he never gets attached, never looks back. Still, he can’t forget the night of passion he once shared with Bramble’s sweetheart – a night he wouldn’t mind repeating. So, he piles on the Texas charm to tease the feisty beauty back into his bed, while she tries her darnedest to resist. But something unexpected is about to tie their fates together…and oh, baby, will it ever!

I didn’t enjoy MAKE MINE A BAD BOY as much as I liked GOING COWBOY CRAZY. The main reason was Hope. Her attitude bothered me and I couldn’t see why people let her get away with things the way they do. I did like Hope more by the end of the book, but it took me awhile. On the other hand, I absolutely loved Colt. Just like GOING COWBOY CRAZY the dialog is snappy and full of funny moments. The town plays just as an important part in MAKE MINE A COWBOY. I really enjoyed getting to know the “other” twin. I’m hoping that we get more stories set in this crazy town!

the book girl gives MAKE MINE A BAD BOY a 3/5

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  1. Hope does need an attitude adjustment. I think she was feeling a little sorry for herself when her “back-up” plan up and married a sister she didn’t even know she had. But, thankfully, she gets over it with a little help from a sizzling hot bad boy. I’m glad you liked it, Carrie. And you are going to get more stories set in Bramble. Up next, Shirlene’s story. Bye for now, Katie Lane

  2. I am the same way… if I read about one I have to read the other! I love connected books!

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