Review: TASTE OF DESIRE by Beverly Kendall

71418603About the book:

She Challenged His Pride

Lady Amelia Bertram may have a reputation as the most brazen beauty of the ton, but she shocks even herself when she accidentally – and loudly – derides one of society’s most eligible bachelors in the middle of a crowded ballroom. The timing of her faux pas couldn’t be worse, for her father is seeking someone to take her off his hands that very night.

He Challenged Her Willpower

But when Thomas Armstrong overhears the so-called “Lady” Amelia slandering his sexual prowess in public, he cannot help but accept the dare implicit in her words. To her father’s great delight, he offers to take her to his secluded country estate – properly chaperoned, of course – to teach the girl a lesson in ladylike behaviour.

I was in the mood for a historical romance this weekend and settled on TASTE OF DESIRE. I was immediately enchanted and couldn’t put my kindle down. The relationship between Thomas and Amelia is fun and flirty. Their banter is fantastic and I loved how Thomas repeatedly put her in her place. He wasn’t going to let her act like a spoiled brat. I was worried in the beginning that I wasn’t going to like how he was treating her, but it really worked in the story.  Amelia is fun and a lot more than she seems. Deep down there is a hurt little girl and Thomas sees this in her when no one else does. Beverly Kendall really knows how to write romance with emotion.

the book girl gives TASTE OF DESIRE a 5/5

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  1. This is an author I’ve been wanting to try, so I’m glad this book is as good as it sounds!

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