Review: THE SOLDIER by Grace Burrowes

99835140About the book:


Devlin St. Just has tried everything to escape his demons. But his responsibilities are multiplying and his despair deepening, until beautiful, enigmatic neighbor Emmaline Farmun steps in…


Devlin’s torn spirit calls to Emmaline, but even as she gives in to his irresistible caresses and her own growing desires, she’s keeping a devastating secret…

Protecting Emmaline becomes Devlin’s urgent mission, if only he can overcome the forces that are driving them irretrievably apart…

I can not properly say how much I love this book. There is so much emotion and romance between Emmaline and Devlin. I cried several times and couldn’t stop smiling when I finished the book. Devlin St. Just is a damaged man. He wants to get better, but isn’t quite sure how. I love how he responds to both Emmie and Winnie (the 6yo girl Devlin “inherits” with his estate). He doesn’t shy away from them and doesn’t punish them for his problems. He is a man and takes care of them the way they should be taken care of. Emmie has her own issues, but she doesn’t handle them as well as Devlin does. She runs and hides until he makes her face them. I loved the way they worked to heal each other. The other part of this book that I adored was the other men in Devlin’s life – his brothers and his friends. They are there for him and allow him to express himself (even if he needs to cry) without any judging. I especially love the scene between Devlin and his brother, Valentine. It would be a spoiler to say why I love it, but it is a poignant and emotional scene between the two brothers. I cannot wait for Val’s book. If you are a fan of historical romance, and even if you aren’t, this is such a fantastic book and you should definitely read it.

(Also, someone commented on Monday asking if this was a series. This is the second book, but you do not have to have read THE HEIR to understand what is happening in this book. It is worth reading too and helps with learning who’s who, but isn’t necessary.)

the book girl gives THE SOLDIER a 5/5

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2 Comments on “Review: THE SOLDIER by Grace Burrowes

  1. Oh, this sounds good. Love the ‘damaged & healing’ hero. Thanks for the series info…I’m one of those people who like to start at the beginning of a series. Yes, I know that is anal retentive…

  2. I love this book so much too! So different from ‘The Heir’, yet just as good.

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