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102046972From the back of the book:


Sun-drenched beaches, designer-label clothes, drop-dead-gorgeous boy-toys…all paid for with a series of high-risk real estate deals. That’s the life-style Cherise Newberry and her BFF Candy enjoy after leaving rural North Carolina for Tampa – until the market tanks and they lose everything. Cheri is surviving on Ramen Noodles and temp jobs when she gets a call from home to come back and run the family’s small-town newspaper. Just one catch: She’ll become the boss of her high school crush – and former brother-in-law – who might have the power to crush her all over again…


But Cheri is surprised to see how “bad boy” J. J. DeCourcy has grown into the hard-working and principled managing editor of The Bigler Bugle. Still, according to Cheri’s bitter sister, he’s not to be trusted. If Cheri’s going to co-exist with this sexier-than-ever man from her past, she needs to stay professional – and keep her distance – even though he sets her on fire. When they’re handed the biggest news story in the town’s history, Cheri must trust J.J, even if it means putting her life in danger…and her heart on the line.

CHERI ON TOP is a contemporary romance that focuses on a small mystery and the rekindled relationship between Cheri and J.J. It was lacking something for me. I enjoyed the mystery, but felt that the relationship wasn’t enough. Cheri and J.J were a couple in high school and broke up when she left for college. Cheri led a happy life in Florida until she lost 14 million dollars in a real-estate deal and now she is back in North Carolina. J.J. married and divorced her sister and then started working for Cheri’s family newspaper. When Cheri comes back J.J is instantly back in love with her and he moves to make her his again. Cheri doesn’t immediately fall back in love with J.J., but she allows him to work his way back into her life without really knowing what happened for the past five years he has been absent in her life. It just didn’t feel realistic to me at all. I want more emotion when it comes to the couples in my romance novels.

The only thing I truly loved about this book was Cheri’s “guard squirrel” and how she protects Cheri during the climatic scene of the book.

the book girl gives CHERI ON TOP a 3/5

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2 Comments on “Review: CHERI ON TOP by Susan Donovan

  1. Hmmm, Donovan books are hit and miss for me. Some I just adore and some I’ve put down unfinished…not because they are bad but because they just don’t grab me. In this case, the former bro-in-law angle kinda skeeves me out too!

  2. I love, love, love this author’s older books, but haven’t read her in a while. Hmmmm….
    P.S. How cute is that cover??!!
    P.S.S. Susan Donovan always has the cutest animals in her books 🙂

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