Review: ALL THAT REMAINS by Janice Kay Johnson

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What remains is what counts

Wren Fraser can think of better times to go into labor. Say, when she’s not on the run, or when there’s a hospital nearby. Better yet, when there’s not a major flood trapping her in an abandoned house. She needs a rescue…now!

It arrives in one Alec Harper. Strong, competent and good-looking, the detective keeps her safe and doesn’t leave her side. He even takes in Wren and the baby when they have no place to go.

For a woman wanting her independence, it’s shocking how quickly she settles in with Alec. The situation seems a bit too domestic. And the sizzling attraction between them is making things worse. She keeps telling herself to walk away, yet she can’t. Or should that be, she doesn’t want to?

This book just didn’t work for me. I found the birth unrealistic. Giving birth is messy and painful. Wren rebounds just a little too quickly. The fact that both Wren and Alec think to themselves how attractive the other is while she is in the middle of labor is a little ridiculous. While there is a lot of emotion to ALL THAT REMAINS, I had a hard time caring about the characters. There is little depth to them. Alec complains about his past mistakes and the mistakes that others made that he takes the blame for. He never seems to really work through these issues. Wren makes several bad decisions and doesn’t have a plan for her future (even though she is now responsible for her and her baby). These were just two characters that I couldn’t connect to and a story line that sometimes seemed ridiculous to me.

the book girl gives ALL THAT REMAINS a 2/5

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  1. Who thinks about attractiveness during labor?!?! With that little tidbit I lost all desire to read this!

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