Review: SERIOUS PLAY by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee

About the book:

Luke Bailey has dreams of building homes and putting down roots. But for a man with a rough past, finding any job isn’t easy. When Mary Scott offers him a job-and a place to stay-mixing drinks and tapping beer at her theme bar, My Parents’ Basement, Luke accepts. Customers flock to the cozy pub, designed to evoke memories of lost childhood, to meet and mingle and play games.

For Mary, her gorgeous new employee should be off-limits. She’s his boss. And they’re very different-something her interfering family constantly points out. But Mary’s done playing the good girl. And Luke isn’t the bad boy everyone thinks he is. Their attraction simmers until Mary seduces Luke into playing some deliciously adult games. Then a shocking betrayal threatens everything…

Recently released from prison after serving five years for a robbery that went bad, Luke is just looking to restart his life and to stay on the right path. I like a bad boy hero, but I was worried that Luke might be just a bit too bad. Mary runs a bar that caters to reliving the fun of adolescence with theme nights like Homecoming and Prom. She hires Luke and gives him a room to stay in as a favor to her friend who is Luke’s parole officer. These two unlikely people have an almost instant attraction, but neither acts on it at first. I actually liked Luke after the initial shock that he was an ex-con. He is smart, sensitive, and truly ready to live a good, clean life. He is willing to do anything he is told in order to not get in more trouble. His feelings for Mary are genuine and hers are for him too. The two characters complement each other. Their relationship isn’t smooth and there are some major bumps along the way, but I really believed in the happily ever after at the end of the story.

the book girl gives SERIOUS PLAY a 4/5

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