Review: HIS SECRET TEMPTATION by Cat Schield

About the book:

Who’s the sexy blonde stranger sleeping in Simon Holcroft’s bed? The workaholic returns from a business trip to find someone stretched out on his sheets. Between the laundry basket at her side and the smell of orange cleaner, he deduces that the young woman is his maid-and resists the urge to kiss her awake.

But when his brother’s fiancé-his own ex-bursts in and strips down to her panties, Simon has to get her dressed and back where she belongs. So he introduces the maid as his fiancée. But his little white lie gets bigger, because now he has to bring his supposed bride-to-be to meet the whole family. One offer-she-can’t-refuse later, Simon has bought himself a temporary fiancée.

In debt up to her eyeballs and all alone for the holidays, how could struggling grad student Caroline Sampson not accept her gorgeous client’s fantasy proposal? But acting like she’s in love comes more easily than she ever expected.

I’m a sucker for the faux-fiance trope and it’s even better if the heroine gets a new wardrobe and updated look to support the deception. So, I knew that this was my kind of book from the description. I was enchanted with Caroline, Simon, and his whole family. The banter and tension between Caroline and Simon is excellently written. I expected a light-hearted romance and for the most part it is, but the ending hit me with a wallop of emotion. I read the last 5% of the book with tears in my eyes. At first they were tears as Caroline heart breaks when she comes to terms that she is in love with Simon and she doesn’t believe that he is with her. Then they changed to tears of joy as the couple worked out their differences and claimed their happily ever after. I adored this book!

the book girl gives HIS SECRET TEMPTATION a 5/5

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