Whatcha Reading Wednesday

Today is my 32nd birthday and I plan to spend the day doing nothing but reading and napping. (At least until the kids come home from school and I have to take my daughter for her ballet pictures) I started Insatiable by Lauren Dane last night and so far I’m digging it. It’s different from the Lauren Dane stuff I’ve read before.

ETA: This was supposed to post first thing this morning, but didn’t. I did do nothing for at least most of the day. I got up with the kids and opened presents (new fancier Keurig┬ámachine, iTunes and Starbucks GC, lots of pens and highlighters, a zebra high-heel tape┬ádispenser, and a new USB flash drive in the shape of Nemo.) I read, watched TV, and took a long nap. Now the hubby and I are going to do a little shopping before the kids are out of school. Then tonight after ballet he’s taking me out for dinner while my SIL babysits. A pretty perfect birthday!