Review: SAVAS WILDCAT by Anne McAllister

About the book:

How to turn a good girl bad…

A week of temptation:

Yiannis Savas, the irresistible playboy of the Savas dynasty, was every girl’s dream. But he quickly turned into Cat’s nightmare when his promises led no further than a fiery affair. Now Cat MacLean has grown up and out of her
girlish fantasies. Determined not to fall prey to smooth talk and fast charm again, she’s engaged to someone sensible.

Then she’s forced to spend a week with the one man she’s never forgotten. Yiannis’s heated gaze pierces her defences, and suddenly sensible doesn’t seem quite so good…

I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved Cat, but at times found her behavior silly. She immediately recognizes that she still has feelings for Yannis, but believes that she is committed enough in her relationship with her fiance for those feelings to mean nothing. Even as she admits that she feels things for Yannis that she had never felt for Adam. Yannis comes across as a bit of a jerk. He doesn’t want anything to do with marriage, but not for the usual reasons. He comes from a loving family and had no real relationship trauma. He just doesn’t think that kind of commitment is for him. However he grew on me as the story continued. His dealings with Cat’s nephew, Harry, her grandmother and his parents showed the real Yannis. I wish I had enjoyed the characters more and that the romance between Cat and Yannis would have progressed faster.

the book girl gives SAVAS WILDCAT a 3/5

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