Review: LEGALLY YOURS by Manda Collins

About the book:

When Julie Streeter dropped out of law school to care for her little sister, one of the things she missed most was her crush-worthy classmate, Matt Ellis. Now, he’s visiting the firm where she works as a paralegal and is just as sexy now as he was then.

Matt Ellis never expected to run into Julie again–certainly not at the law firm where he’s been sent to investigate leaks to the opposing team. When he finds the list of things she’d like to try before her thirtieth birthday, very sexy things, on the office copier he offers to be her list buddy while he’s in town. And to his surprise, Julie agrees.

Will their mind-blowing chemistry lead to more than just a fling, or could what started out as a crush turn into something neither one of them expected?

I adored Manda Collins debut historical romance, but her erotic romance didn’t work for me. I liked Julie and felt like her character was fully realized, but Matt was flat. I know that the length of the book (72 pages) has something to do with how deep the author can go into the characters past and reasons for their actions, but there was a distinct lack of back-story for Matt.  The tension between the characters is well written and sexy, I think if this book had been longer and had more character depth I would have enjoyed it more.

the book girl gives LEGALLY YOURS a 3/5

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